Checking If Your Saddle Fits

I am often asked how regularly the fit of a saddle should be checked. As a saddle fitter one of the things I try to get across to horse owners is that your horse can change shape at any time. Changes in shape can relate to the time of year and the work load, changing yards or trainers, or to a different feed routine etc. You expect to progress in your flatwork or jumping, even if the workload doesn’t differ, and that progress you make usually means a change in the shape of your horse. This means that general time guidelines, such as 6 monthly saddle checks, are not always adequate. If your horse has changed shape then the saddle will need adjusting, which is why it is something to learn to r

AH Saddles Limited Become Official BETA Members

AH Saddles are proud to announce that they are now officially members of BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association). BETA was formed in 1979 by a group of manufacturers and suppliers of equestrian equipment, since then they have developed into an internationally recognised organisation that officially represents the equestrian industry. They are valued by retailers as a primary source of training courses and support for those involved in the equestrian industry. Their achievements include the development of the now widely recognised BETA Body Protector Standard, The National Equestrian Survey and working closely with the Pony Club on achievement badges and the development of a training prog
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