Saddle Fitting Advice for Exmoor Pony Owners

Sometimes I am asked specialist questions regarding saddle fitting. A recent example was regarding what an Exmoor pony owner might need to look for when getting a pony saddle. Each horse or pony breed comes with a predisposed set of fitting characteristics that are useful to look for when considering a saddle fit. For the Exmoor Pony Club I went through some of the often found Exmoor pony traits, and how this can relate to saddle fitting this native pony breed. Please note this article is a general guide, if you are ever unsure on a saddle you should consult a specialist saddle fitter. If you would like to read my article please click the following link: Good Saddle Fit for Exmoor Ponies - P

Crookedness in Horses

Horses, like us, can be one sided. A recent study by an MSc student showed that one sidedness can be measured in foals only a few days old, depending on difficulty of parturition and time to standing. If left uncorrected, this one sidedness can produce a reduction in flexibility later on when the horse begins ridden work. We can feel one sidedness in our horses when we are schooling, and our horses are able to perform exercises with greater ease and flexibility on one rein compared to the other. In many cases, regular consistent schooling will improve this one sidedness. However, when the one sidedness is a result of skeletal imbalance, then corrective schooling is not usually enough to impr
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