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Katy Marriott-Payne

Our sponsored rider Katy Marriott-Payne has been training, producing and riding horses and ponies since she left school. Katy has won some of the most sought after titles in the show ring, including:

  • Children's riding pony of the year

  • Olympia supreme Mountain and Moorland

  • Horse of the Year Show

  • Supreme M&M WHP at RIHS

  • Numerous RIHS winners

  • Championships at County Shows across the Country

When Katy approached us few years ago regarding sponsorship (because she and her physio had been impressed with what they’d seen of our saddles and saddle fitting) we were delighted to be able to support her and her team. The sponsorship was quickly activated as we were really pleased to work alongside someone that not only was one of the most successful producers in Mountain & Moorland showing but that was also kind and caring in their work with ponies.

We are pleased to say Katy and her team (team KMP) are now coming up to their third year of sponsorship and all parties are happy with how things are going. We recently cut in to her busy schedule to see how her and her team are doing and, so far this year 6 ponies have qualified for HOYS and 9 are going to Royal International in 2 weeks' time. Her latest news this week has been that Cadlan Valley Sandpier has qualified for Olympia at Christmas, and that both Marleydenes Nashaal and Champion New Forest pony qualified for HOYS on Tuesday. Katy is also over the moon that Cargarsar Silver Phantom qualified for HOYS at his first attempt as he is only five year’s old!

As part of the sponsorship we have also been working alongside Katy to

further develop our low profile close contact straight cut showing saddles. The AH Symphony saddle design was modified to provide a wider deeper seat, and with this Monday’s version (due to be fitted by Steph Bloom) she will be testing an even flatter seated version of the Symphony. Her feedback continues to be really positive and in our latest catch-up we were really pleased to find that she feels our saddles are “superbly comfortable, as they massively fit the ponies’ backs better, yet I haven’t needed to compromise as they are a great look for showing.”

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