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At AH Saddles Ltd we offer bridles, stirrup leathers and girths to match our saddles. These accessories are all made from English leathers. We can also offer custom bridles made to order. Please contact our office for an order sheet and price list. 



Our AH stirrup leathers are super soft English leather, non-stretch and lined with nylon for extra strength. Our slimline leathers offer superb comfort under the leg and are suitable for any discipline.


Sizes 48” and 56” as standard, 56” and 58” often available
Additional sizes are available as a custom order



We recommend using a leather dressing that contains only natural ingredients, as such, we recommend and sell Sedgwick’s original leather care product that includes tallow, oils and beeswax. 

Applying Sedgwick’s Conditioner

Give your leather a quick wipe with a damp sponge or cloth and leave to dry naturally. Apply the leather dressing sparingly to both the grain and flesh side of the leather. When dry, usually after two hours, buff the leather with a soft brush or cloth. Additional information on caring for your saddle can be found in our saddle care guide sections. Always also refer to the manufacturer’s instruction of any specialist product that you use.


English leather girth with a soft padded back for horse comfort and very strong doubled elastic at both ends. The girth is shaped so that it has an anatomical arc which contours forward and around the horse’s elbows, while allowing the girth straps to sit farther back. Can be useful for forward girth grooves or other conformational or movement issues where saddles can otherwise run forwards.

Long girths 38”-54”
Short girths 22”-28”

AH Stirrup Leathers
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