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At AH Saddles we have a long history of supplying customers overseas with saddles and have a high success rate working from photos, videos, tracings and descriptions to provide a saddle that truly fits your wider horse or pony.


If you have a fitter near to you who is happy to work with us please ask them to contact us directly in the first instance.


If you have no local fitter to work with this are the steps to follow to buy a saddle from us:


  1. Supply photographs of the horse or pony from the side and rear as per

  2. If possible provide a video of your horse moving in trot/canter on the lunge or in hand. is a good way to videos that are too long to email.

  3. Again if possible please take, and supply, a template and take a measurement from scapular/back of shoulder to the last rib, see

  4. Rider height and weight, hip measurement or trouser/pant size.  It’s important to also know if you have an unusually long or short upper leg/femur.

  5. Please list any history of soreness/lameness/significant periods off work for your horse or pony and any issues you may have as a rider that a saddle fitter should take into account.

  6. All types of activities you plan to do with your horse or pony. 


Payments should be made by BACS or by card payment over the phone. You will only pay the net price of the saddle, less VAT, and will instead pay your own country’s sales tax; please use the import duty calculator to see what you will be charged


Standard saddles come with a full 14 day ridden trial but the buyer covers all return/exchange postal costs. Custom orders require a deposit to start production of £400. Please supply your delivery address to get accurate for postage costs.

Once the details above are supplied you will be contacted to get any extra details and discuss what we feel will work and why, and answer any other questions you may have. 

OVERSEAS TRADE BUYERS please contact us if you have an enquiry regarding a trade contract.  Qualification will depend on proximity of any other suppliers of AH saddles and other factors though we are always keen to take on fitters in new areas.

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