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After years of using 6 different saddlers and 6 saddles, I was beginning to get the point of having my mares back x-rayed, I was having regular lessons and her, schooling by my trainer and no one could get to the bottom of her issues. she would stick her head as high as she possibly could, become solid through her back and neck and try to run off with the rider. she would then become incredibly tense , this then became more apparent when we would either go through a transition (up or down), change the rein, ask her for more impulsion, change speed, practically anything!

I have everything checked regularly and had tried bitting clinics, different bridles and nosebands, various different pads, you name it, I have got it and tried it!

Finally as a last resort before going down the route of x-rays to check for kissing spine, my trainer said maybe we should try a native specialist saddler.


I contacted Andrea at AH saddles, and just from talking to her on the phone I instantly felt confident as she talked me through her thoughts.

At our appointment Andrea explained and showed my trainer and I that my mare had been fitted with a 17.5" saddle when her back will only take a 16.5" platform at most and my saddle was not wide enough at all!

feeling slightly annoyed that I had used so many saddlers prior thinking I was doing right  by my horse i was also so relieved that this could in fact be the answer to our issues 🤞 we tried a couple saddles and fell in love with a

stunning AH dressage saddle. Beautifully made, lightweight for a leather saddle and super comfy! My mares stride instantly grew and she started to come up through her shoulder. I had the saddle on a 14 day trial which is another great aspect of purchasing through Andrea and I knew in the first few days this saddle was not going back!

Prior to my saddle fitting we had withdrew from numerous unaffiliated dressage competitions and all I can is that within a couple months of purchasing my saddle, we have now registered my mare BD and she has just qualified for the Regionals and midways in just 2 BD outings winning 1 class and bringing home a 2nd in the other 3 tests. she has also qualified for the e rider league championships!


I feel like I have gone out and bought a brand new horse! I cannot thank Andrea enough and  my friends were so impressed with my saddle and change in my mare that they both have had Andrea out to fit and purchase saddles for their horses which would you believe their original saddler that had purchased and had fitted by saddlers didn't fit and we cannot believe the change in their horses either!


What I love about Andrea is the fact that she actually shows, explains and educates us as owners  about the saddle fitting and how to measure a horse correctly for saddle. Not just a case of putting a saddle on saying yes this fits or no this doesn't.

Cara Thorne - June 2021

Linda Hills.jpg

Thank you, I recently ordered a working Hunter saddle from Andrea. Living in Australia was no problem I sent photos and measurements of cob mare and my saddle was finished in 4 weeks. So happy with it and beautifully balanced. 

Linda Hills - 17 Oct 2018

Thank you to Andrea for coming to fit a dressage saddle to my welsh cob. I compete at affliated dressage and wanted a dressage saddle as have been riding in a gp up to now. Andrea was thorough in her fitting of the saddle and spent time looking at the shape of my horse, and his movement. The saddle itself is so comfortable, my horse is moving much more freely and his paces have really opened up. I wish I had got one sooner!

Samantha Pring - 15 Sept 2018


Just wanted the say a massive thank you to you and Kai for my new jump saddle and also fixing the tree on my older harrier. My new saddle is absolutely beautiful and I've been so impressed with Kai as a saddle fitter. Much appreciated and I would never use another saddle company for all my natives. Just got to save up for a dressage saddle next!! Thanks 

Amanda Woods - 05 Jul 2017

jo wilson.jpg

We bought our first AH saddle a couple of years ago and were very impressed with both it, and Clare Molyneux who fitted it for us (it was particularly lovely having a Highland Pony expert to fit his saddle).  The change in Einar was remarkable - he was relaxed and happy under saddle and we were finally able to start some proper schooling!   Unfortunately he developed laminitis shortly after this and was subsequently out of action for the best part of a year. 

Following a complete overhaul of his diet and a gradually increasing exercise program, he has lost a considerable amount of weight (it's amazing how difficult it can be as an owner to actually 'see' how fat your own horse is sometimes!). This is marvellous, but with the downside that my lovely AH saddle no longer fitted.

Clare duly came with a variety of saddles for Einar and me to try.  All were lovely, but as soon as I tried the Phoenix GPJ, I knew it was the one!  The saddle is superbly comfortable and I don't think I've ever felt so secure in a saddle before now, thanks to the deep seat and jump knee-rolls.  

Einar is a very genuine Highland pony - when his last saddle no longer fitted well due to his weight loss, he became quite reluctant to go forward, dropping his back and poking his nose in the air.  As soon as he had his lovely new GPJ on, there was no stopping him - lovely long strides and really lifting his back and stretching down.
I'm absolutely delighted with it - Einar continues to improve with every ride and the saddle draws admiring comments every time I ride.

Jo Wilson - 08 Jun 2017

Alexandra Nealon.jpg

I have been a customer of Andrea and Steph at AH saddles for more than 10 years and am really so grateful to both of them for all their help. The story began over 10 years ago with my 4 year old Connemara x mare. Having purchased a total of 7 saddles from various manufacturers and wasted an awful lot of money using a variety of experienced

saddle fitters I failed to find a saddle that was comfortable for the horse and did not move during exercise. The problems ranged from side to side 'rolling' movement, slipping forwards and tipping up at the back, all of which causing the horse discomfort. After almost giving up on my quest to find a saddle that fitted I rang Andrea. Steph came out with a variety of saddles all of which fitted! since that day and a further 2 happy ponies I have never contemplated using another company and consider AH Saddles to be the only genuine option for the wide/flat backed horse or pony. My latest purchase is my beautiful dressage saddle which has seen my jumping horse achieve a dressage score of 68% and 2nd place in our first ever dressage competition! 
Photo courtesy of Su Burrows, Desk Jockeys  

Alexandra Nealon - 03 Nov 2015

Camille Ford.jpg

I love my GP saddle! My fjord mare was very difficult to fit and both Andrea and Steph went above and beyond to get a good fit for us. The first saddle I brought from them unfortunately kept slipping due to my pony's awkward shape and they provided me with excellent customer service, both coming out to check and ultimately swapping my saddle. Outstanding service which I just wouldn't have received from another company. They were very honest with me throughout the whole saddle fitting process and I felt very comfortable, confident and ultimately relieved I chose the company for my pony's first saddle. I truly believe I would have been fobbed off with an ill fitting saddle had I gone elsewhere due to my mare's unusual shape. 

Even for flat backed, round fjords Bella was hard, but they persevered over many hours to ensure me and Bella got the best fit. I can't thank Andrea and Steph enough for their high level of service and complete honesty.

Camille Ford - 30 Jul 2015

Ella Jarvis.jpg

I am really happy with my saddle, very comfortable and I feel very secure in it. As Steph knows Daisy is not an easy pony, she is extremely whizzy and quirky but my AH saddle holds me in tight Huge thanks Steph, since getting my new saddle we now have left canter every time! Even got placed in workers this weekend.

Ella Jarvis - 08 Jun 2015

Fiona Gunn.png

I would just like to say how happy I am with my Phoenix Luxe Working Hunter on the Cob Tree. It was fitted by the wonderful Diane Smith. I have had it now for 5 months and cannot thank you enough for the professional service and fantastically well made saddle. Annie is a hard to fit Highland pony, but Diane did a great job and offered a great service. The saddle is used every day from flat work to

cross country Schooling and has been admired at numerous shows. Including the The Royal Highland Show.

Fiona Gunn - 17 Mar 2015

Jessica & Suzanna Mcleod.jpg

"I had my first competition today with Nemo since having our new phoenix jump saddle and we came joint first in the 90 eventer trial thank you very much for all your help he is going so much better with this new saddle." Jessica McLeod "We were very impressed with the service / customer care and quality of the saddle and girth we purchased from AH Saddles."

Jessica & Suzanne Mcleod - 01 Mar 2015

Heather Loach.jpg

Gelynos Goldy Horn in her AH close contact WH pony saddle fitted by Stephanie J Bloom at our first ridden show coming 2nd and qualifying for Equifest. Very happy with our saddle you can really feel the pony underneath you.

Heather Loach - 09 Apr 2015

Sally Rose Griffin.jpg

It took me years to find a genuine saddle fitter and have been ripped off by many. I almost gave up trying to find a saddle then someone told me about your company and it was a god send!!!!!! The saddle fit and quality is amazing.

Sally Rose Griffin - 09 Mar 2015

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