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In order for us to work out the shape of your horse or pony and advise on what saddle would be best it is a good idea to first send us photographs of your horse along with your contact details. Please refer to our /photos-for-a-new-saddle-fitting or /photos-for-a-saddle-adjustment pages for information on what photographs we require. However, for mail order fittings, or for some of our fitters/distributors, we may ask for a wither template tracing.

What you will need:
  1. A flexi curve (this can be obtained from most stationery shops or art shops).

  2. A large piece of plain paper.

  3. The horse or pony to be measured standing on a flat, level surface as squarely as possible.

What you will be taking a template of:

The front arch of the saddle tree needs to be the same shape and width as the part of the horse’s back where it should be positioned. This position is 1-2″ behind the scapula (shoulder blade bone). We need you to find this point before a template can be taken.

How to take the template:
  1. Stand the horse on a flat, level surface as squarely as possible.

  2. Straighten out the flexi curve then bend equally in half, making a ‘v’ shape.

  3. Carefully place on the horses back just behind the withers. In most cases the sides of the curve should be 2” just behind the shoulder blades (scapular bones) pointing down vertically behind the elbows.

  4. Mould the curve on the back and get the exact shape of the withers and sides of the back.

  5. Before removing the flexi curve, check that you have measured in the same position on the left and right sides.

  6. Carefully remove the flexi curve noting which is the left and right side of the horse.

  7. On the large piece of paper draw around the curve following the edge that was in contact with the horse. Note on this sheet the left and right side of the horse.


Do not worry if the two sides look slightly different in shape, there may be a difference in the horse’s muscle. The saddler will take this into account.


Below can be seen a correctly placed flexi curve and a drawn template, please remember to include photographs, your contact details and your horse’s height and breed.

Using a flexi curve to take a horse template
Correctly placed flexi curve
AH Horse Wither Template
Flexi curve template
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