If you’d like a basic visual check on your AH saddle in between your regular hands on saddle checks, or need to know if you need a hands on saddle check or mail order adjustment, these are the photos we need. A good clear video of rising trot, ideally on a circle so we can see you over a period of time, is a bonus.

The saddle should be firmly girthed for all shots, and if you use a thick saddle pad or a corrective pad then please put it on for the side on full body shot but remove it fro the front-on shot to help me see the detail of the front of the saddle.

1. Saddle girthed firmly with no pad underneath, camera in next to horse’s neck, try and avoid shadows under the front of the saddle if possible.​

2. Take the side on photo with a pad if you’re using anything other than a thin cotton pad as pictured. Stood fairly square on level ground with head and neck in “neutral”. If you only use a thin cotton numnah then the photo is better taken without it. The saddle must be firmly girthed up.

3. Again the horse should be square and the whole horse included in the shot.

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