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The first saddle we built on what we now call the “GPJ tree”, this GP/jumping saddle has an extra soft seat giving an ‘armchair ride’. Removable Velcro jumping-style knee blocks, calf blocks and front blocks for more leg room with shorter stirrups are also available if required at an additional cost (please call for pricing). It can fit a variety of shapes and sizes, from a moderate wither to much flatter backs, from Section Ds through other natives, cobs and would include many riding horse shapes such as warmer warmbloods and thoroughbreds too. Ideal for all activities whether on the flat or jumping, it’s a classic hunting saddle and popular with men as well as women. Width fittings are from medium wide (3 fit) to double extra wide (6 fit).


Sizes 16.5”, 17” & 17.5” 

The standard saddle comes in plain brown leather. 
Additional custom options and sizes are available as custom orders. 
Please see price list for details. 

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