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AH Saddles Joins ‘The Campaign For Wool’

AH Saddles is pleased to announce they have been accepted as an official supporter of ‘The Campaign For Wool’. The campaign is a global initiative that has been brought together under the patronage of the HRH Prince of Wales. Its aim is to raise awareness about the remarkable beneficial properties offered by wool as a fibre and to encourage collaboration internationally amongst woolgrowers, fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers and interior designers.

About Why At AH Saddles We Only Use Pure Wool in Our Saddle Flocking

Wool is a natural, sustainable fibre that is also a versatile hygroscopic fibre. This means that as the humidity of its environment rises and falls, the fibre absorbs and releases water vapour. This amazing property allows it to retain heat during the absorption phase and so helps make it a natural insulator. Despite this its natural beneficial thermal properties can also provide the ability to keep cool. This is because wool fibres are crimped so when they are tightly packed together you get millions of tiny compartments of air. This unique structure is what allows it to ‘breathe’, either from the surrounding environment or from sweat from the wearer. It is this important beneficial thermal property of wool that allows both horse, or pony, and rider to keep cool.

Wool is also durable with a natural ‘bounce back’ and an ability to resist flattening, this means that it adapts really well to a horse or pony’s back. In addition, when it does become compressed over a period of time a saddle fitter can replace it to breathe new life into the saddle. In addition, a skilled saddle fitter can also adjust the flocking of the panels to best fit your horse or pony and these adjustments can also be done regularly as the horse alters shape over time.

About Why ‘The campaign For Wool’ is Important

Since ‘The Campaign For Wool’ was launched in 2010 it has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale. The campaign aims to not only educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool but also, in turn, support numerous small businesses and local farmers whose incomes depend on the wool industry.

For more information about ‘The Campaign For Wool’ visit:

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