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The Supercob GP, built on our well-known Supercob “hoop” tree, it has a wider than average pommel and fits a variety of wider rounder breeds exceptionally well. The design allows for wider weight bearing panels and a wider than average seat which provides excellent comfort for horse and rider and ensures very good stability. It fits from wide (4 fit) up to quintuple extra wide (xxxxxw, 9 fit) and is ideal for very wide heavyweight cobs, heavy hunters, Welsh section Ds, Highland ponies, Fjord ponies, some Haflingers, Irish Drafts, Suffolk Punch, Ardennes and traditional cobs. The flatter tree also means it can work brilliantly where the back is very flat but not quite so wide.

Sizes 16.5”, 17”, 17.5” 

The standard saddle comes in plain brown leather. 
Additional custom options and sizes are available as custom orders. 
Please see price list for details. 

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