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A larger picture of the AH Jumping saddle which is a saddle designed specially for cobs and wide horses and large native ponies



The Supercob Jumping saddle is ideal for larger native breeds, drafts and cobs. This saddle has a shallow seat and square cantle. It has close contact flocked panels, wider deeper flaps for cobs and drafts.

It has a  wide twist and is more suitable for wide horses as it has a wide head, wide gullet and wider weight bearing panels than standard jumping saddles. It is built on a hoop tree.

The saddle shown in the picture has the hide-covered leather as a custom optional extra. Other custom options are also available and are detailed in the price list.


Width fittings come in wide (w), extra wide (xw) and up to extra extra wide plus (xxw+)


Seat sizes:

16.5", 17", 17.5" (other sizes available to special order)

This saddle is only available as a custom order, with or without custom optional extras. Please see price list for details. 

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