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AT AH Saddles we use pure natural grey combed British wool flocking in our panels as we find this conforms really well to a horse's back. Wool is not only a natural fibre that is bio-degradable and sustainable but is ideal for flocking as it has natural ‘bounce back’ and durability. In addition, a skilled saddle fitter can adjust the flocking of the panels to best fit your horse. Adjustments can be done regularly as the horse's muscles develop (or the shape changes due to training, alterations in workload and/or changes in riding discipline). Flocking is also beneficial as when it becomes compressed over time and use, a saddle fitter can replace it fairly inexpensively to breathe new life into a saddle. We also prefer wool flocking as one of the key properties of wool is that it is breathable, we find this natural property of the fibre helps keep a horse's back cooler and provides a much more comfortable ride for horse and rider.


We are also a proud supporter of The Campaign For Wool, a global coalition of key organisations that have been brought together under the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales in order to raise awareness about the unique properties and benefits of wool as a natural fibre.


For more information on The Campaign For Wool visit:

The campaign for wool
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