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Close contact saddles are designed to make the rider feel closer to the horse. That means there is less flocking in the panel between the horse and rider’s seat bones, allowing the rider’s leg to gain more contact. Close contact saddles can also give more stability especially on rounder horses like native ponies, cobs and draft horses. Jumping saddles are traditionally close contact, as are most showing saddles and this type can be found within our Jumping and Showing range; this also means they often have very small rear gussets or no rear gussets. In addition, at AH saddles our Heathland Dressage Saddle and Super Cob Dressage Saddle are also close contact to provide greater stability on rounder horses and ponies. 


Some close contact saddles are made on a rubber inset panel, however, we do not make this type as they can’t be altered to accommodate changes in the horse’s shape. All AH close contact saddles are made on wool flocked panels which means the panels can be adjusted. 


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